Camel Ride with Overnight at Private Bedouins House

Experience Bedouins life style
Overnight night in traditional Bedouins house
Private stay – Maximum 4 person
Camel ride for 2 Hours
Spectacular view to sunset, sunrise and watching the stars .
Traditional food –dinner and breakfast 



Camel Ride with Private Bedouins House
A unique experience Enjoy camel ride for two hours where you arrive at the Bedouin house , The Tradition Bedouins house, Built in the top of the Wahiba Sands  dunes,  with a spectacular view to sunset and sunrise , mix between tradition  and Modern , for our guest who are looking to experience Bedouins life  style , and Traditional Meals , dinner and breakfast prepared by real Bedouins Family .with 2 Room ,  comfortable beds , toilet and shower , and traditional interior design  .
Now Our Guest can join our Tours with stay Over Night in this Bedouins House



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