6 Days ~ Beauty has an Address

6 Days ~ Beauty has an Address camel ride 
starwatching,private camp
Oman Wadi ALshab Sunset ,Jabal  Shams
 Swim in Oman Wadi ALShab & Tewi .
Turtle Watch Experience.
Crossing Wahiba Sands.
Meet Bedouins Family.
Overnight 2 Nights in wahabia Sands .
Camel Ride Experience.
Nizwa – the Old Capital .
Jabal Shams.


Tour Availability
Every Day -7 Days
Recommended Time for the Tour –October –April


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Route Map
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Day 1 - Muscat – Quriyat – Sur –Rasalhad

The Day Tour includes
The Huge Sinkhole near DIBAB Village with Its Clear Green Water. Concrete Steps Lead Down the Side Making Swimming Possible
WADI TIWI and WADI SHAB (which Means Gorge Between the Cliffs).  Enchanting Wadi  wITH Cool Pools of Water all Year Round. the Ravine Is Lush with Trees, Grasses and Date Palms.
After Dinner wec Drive to RAS Al JINZ, one of the Few Nesting Places of the Giant Green Sea Turtles. at Night, you will Have the Chance to See these Majestic Creatures Come Ashore and Lay their Eggs by the Light of the Stars) and Experience one of the  Most Emotional Event of Nature.


Overnight suggest
Turtle beach resort


Day 2 - Ras Alhadd – Asellah- Wahiba Sands

The Day Tour Include
In the Morning we Drive to the Desert via ASELLAH village, along by the Scenic Rocky Coastline.
The Tour Day Includes Amazing Drive to Cross Wahiba Sands Dunes from South to North  for 145 Km ( 3-4 Hours ) 
  Visit to Some Local Family
Many Stops On Photo Spots. You can see how the dunes change of colors and of shape, depending on sun light on them and on wind.


Overnight suggest
Safari Desert Camp


Other Option –
 Watching Star Private Camp



Day 3- Wahiba Sands -2 Hours Camel Ride - Wadi Bani Khaled

The Day Tour Include
In the  Morning at 08.30 AM you will Meet Your Camel Guide , who  will Welcome you  in his House with  Arabic Coffee and  Dates  , Explaining to you First Something about Bedouin Life and then  About the  Camel Ride , the Route , and  Introducing you  to  Your Camel - to Start Your 2 Hours Camel Ride  from 0900AM to 11 AM
Bathing at Wadi Bani Khalid one of the largest Wadies in Oman. Nestled Deep into the Mountains it is a True Oasis.
Visit Aldaher Village in Bediyah and Some Site
Afternoon Drive to the Camp we will Drive you to the High Dunes to Watch the Sunset, the Sunset in the Desert is One of the Most Amazing Adventure you Can Live, the Colors of Sand Changes Every Minute, the Shadows are Wonderful, you Can Take Fabulous Pictures, Playing With Sun and the Calm and Peace, You Feel there, Make of this Experience Something you will Never Forget. After Returning to Camp, the Dinner will be Served.


Overnight suggest
Safari Desert Camp


Other Option –
 Watching Star Private Camp

Day 4 - Wahiba Sands – Ibra – Nizwa

The Day Tour Include
Old village ALMANZAFAH and market of IBRA town
JABREEN Castle, Also called The Palace of BILAYAROUB, A beautiful Fort with Ceiling Decoration and an Impressive architecture.
Drive to NIZWA The Old Capital Of Oman


Overnight Suggest
ALDyar Hotel

Day 5 - Nizwa-Misfat Al Breen–Jabal Shams

The Day Tour Include
Nizwa : Busy Cattle Market – special auction to sale cattle start 6:30 to 9:00, the weapons market (Friday only )
The Traditional NIZWA Souk
The Impressive 17th Century NIZWA Fort, which is one of the most amazing fort of whole Oman.
Beautiful old village MISFAT AL BREEN  ,this Village is Perched on the Side of a Mountain where Narrow Ancient Stone Path ways lead you into the Valley Below
Proceed Driving  up the Mountains to the Peak of JebAl Shams –( the Mountain of the Sun ), which is the Highest Peak of the JABAL Al AKHDAR Mountain Range, soaring 3,009  Meters above Sea level
Oman Grand Canyon


Overnight Suggest
Sunrise Resort







Day 6 - Jabal Shams - Mountain Road - Wadi Bani Auaf –Muscat

The Day Tour  Include
Driving across the Mountains to Visit the Fascinating and Hidden Mountain Village Bilad Sayt
Short Walk Through Oman Snake Canyon
Wadi Bani Auaf , which is Encircled by the Dramatic Profiles of the Al JABAL Al AKHDAR. we will  Drive Through aLittle Gap in the Mountains
Late Afternoon the Tour End atYour Hotel or Place on Muscat




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