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Camel Safari Camel Safari Camel Safari 
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End Of The camel Safari Tours ,Arabian Sea
Camel safari Tour Offers you a Unique Opportunity to Escape from the Tourist Routes, and Follow in the Footsteps of the Legendary Explorers, Discover Hidden Wadis, Oases, 100 m High Sand Dunes, and Visit Bedouin Villages, this is a Lifetime Opportunity to Explore the Famed Wahiba Sands and Meet the Remaining Bedouin inhabitants Living Traditional Ways, our Desert is Home for Many Species of Native Flora and Fauna, Many Endemic to this Region.
Daily Rides are 5 to 6  Hours with Plenty of Time to Explore, Relax in the Unique Attractions of the Desert , Camel Riding is Effortless and You’ll Very Soon be Completely at Ease on these Kings of the  Desert.
Authentic Bedouin Camps will Be Pitched Every Night and Delicious Food woll be Prepared under the Stars, Enjoyed OMANI QAHWAH (Arabic Coffee) Prepared on a Charcoal Fire, and Experience Different Types of Dates.
Our Experts will Guide you the 150 km  in 7 Days from North to South, Where Desert Meets the Warm Arabian Sea Water,


Tour Availability
Camel Ride from 1H to Full Day - Daily
Camel Safari for More Than 1 Days Please Send Us  on Booking Form or Contact Us
Best Time in the Year from October - March


Route Map
Tour Start from the Bedouins Family House -   Click on Google Route Map Option


Camel Ride Price
    1  Hours                       15 Oman Rial /Per Camel
    2 Hours                        25 Omani Rial / Per Camel
    3 Hours                        35 Omani Rial / Per Camel
    4 Hours                        45 Omani Rial / Per Camel
    Full Day                        65 Omani Rial / Per Camel           Include Lunch


Sun Set Camel Ride Price
    1  Hours                       20 Oman Rial /Per Camel


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